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Steam Greenlight:

DYE is currently on Steam Greenlight. Every vote helps us move a little bit closer to a Steam release. Please take the time to vote for our project, and thank you for your support!

Link: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=655096412


DYE is a challenging 2D platformer where you help Hue rescue Pigments and restore color to the world! Inspired by skill based platformers, DYE strives to provide a rewarding gameplay experience through a series of challenging obstacles.

Demo Features:

  • 6 levels across 2 worlds
  • Normal and Hard Mode versions of each level

Full Game Features:

  • 56 levels across 4 worlds
  • Normal and Hard Mode versions of each level
  • 5 unique boss fights
  • Full controller support
  • 16 track original soundtrack
  • Achievements
  • Trading Cards


DYE is still under active development and we're on track to finish sometime late this summer. We're in the final stages of putting things together. Code, mechanics, levels and UI work are all complete. We are putting the final touches on art assets, soundtrack, and general improvements.

More information

Published227 days ago
StatusIn development
AuthorBat Country Games
Tagschallenging, indie, Platformer
Player countSingleplayer


dye_alpha_demo_2.zip (114 MB)